I suppose that you know on a long winter’s night;

There ain’t much to do but watch TV, make love or fight.

Well, last night was a long winter one too.

So about tonight, what am I going to do?

The TV isn’t working and I could feel the tension in the air,

And I knew something was coming by the looks of her stare.

Heck, I didn’t do nothing, guess it wasn’t my night;

But she sure raised hell and started the fight.

She cussed and she swore and said all kinds of words.

She talked of my background and my family of nerds.

I took it as long as I possibly could,

Then I packed up my things as any man would.

She backed off a little, to get some air,

And I made some remark about her complexion so fair.

Then she let out a tirade about my body and hair,

And said some things to which I thought she shouldn’t dare.

So I took off my coat and hung up my cap,

Put away my things and set her on my lap.

Why I hugged her and kissed her and held her quite tight,

And I knew then it was the end of the fight.

As I reached for the light, I tripped over the cat,

We fell on the bed and broke the main slat.

The cat screeched and howled and ran up the wall.

But that wasn’t nearly the best part of all.

The commotion had jiggled the TV wire;

The room lit up like it was on fire.

We both had been saved from boredom.

My what a blessing!

But which channel to watch?

That’s another fight, I’m guessing.