THE HEAVEN OF CHILDREN – A collaborative poem written during Kids’ Fest, Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival, 2013

A collaborative poem written during Kids’ Fest during Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival, 2013 by:

  • Kacy Anderson
  • Kyra Arasmith
  • Nicole Ellis
  • João Pedro Janes
  • Sarah McKinstry-Brown
  • Jack Siegfried
  • Ellie Siegfried
  • Owen Smith
  • Cheyenne Smith
  • Ben Sommerich
  • Eli Sommerich
  • Gunther Spry
  • Kyleigh Ulmer

The Heaven of Children


The children wake in the morning

to the smell of chocolate fields being harvested.

They open their eyes and see a blue tractor.

They’re so excited,

because they’re going to swim in a milkshake today.


After the swim, they grow purple, gold, green,

orange, red, rainbow, and pink wings

and fly to Costa Rica, where they ride rainbow gumdrops

and a unicorn made of cotton candy with a Kit Kat horn.

They lick the unicorn’s mane, and, surprise, it tastes


like chocolate! The unicorn flies them to a licorice zip line

where the wind blows through their hair and they hear the

milk waterfall splashing into the river.  They look up

and see the dreaded Red Gummy Bear. Now their candy cane sword

comes in handy, and they shoo him away, because it’s bedtime


and they want to get back to their gingerbread house

where their cotton candy bed lies and where they will

dream of the fun they had today, because in the Heaven of Children

your dreams come true.