McCook is a small town

On the Nebraska prairie

Where we grew up

But not long would we tarry.


A few of her friends

And four other gals

Plus some of my friends

And three of my pals


Decided it would be nice

If we had a date

They must have realized

She would soon be my mate


Who would have thought

A quick good night kiss

Would lead to

Fifty years of wedded bliss


We married quite young

She was pretty as a queen

No one ever knew

She was only nineteen,


I was much older

Twenty you know

Little did we realize

How much we would grow


She worked very hard

So I could go to school

She never complained

And was never once cruel


After college in Denver

We started to travel

The Korean war made it rough

But it would never unravel


From private to colonel

She tugged at my heart

We both knew quite early

That we’d never part


And now in the twilight

After 50 short years

I know I chose right

It sometimes brings tears


To realize how lucky

I am to this day

She still is my bride

I’m happy to say.


It seems like just yesterday

That I said Yes, I do

That I’ll love you forever

And now I repeat, I do, I really do!